Financial Relief for Members

Financial Relief for Members

Financial Relief for Members

Whether you are in search of financial relief due to hardship or economic instability during the current COVID-19 crisis, we are here to support you.  Antioch Community Federal Credit Union has stepped up to provide assistance in a variety of situations during this time.

We are committed to making this process as efficient as possible for members who have a request related to financial adversity due to the COVID-19 crisis and are potentially eligible in the following areas**:

  • Mortgage forbearance: suspension of mortgage payments for a certain period of time.
  • Loan deferral or extension: skipping or deferring one or more payments.
  • Emergency loans: a hardship and/or assistance loan to assist during a difficult financial period.
  • Foreclosure moratorium: a freeze on certain home foreclosures for a select period of time.
  • No negative credit reporting: no undesirable marks or “hits” to your credit score with major credit bureaus as they relate to financial hardship assistance.

** Personal circumstances will determine eligibility. Please inquire.

Please contact our Loan Department by emailing or calling 925-757-1320. These are the best channels you can use to begin exploring your possible financial relief options and the exact process for obtaining relief.

Please be patient as we are currently experiencing high member-service volumes. Also be prepared, as there may be the documentation you need to submit to prove your hardship during this process.

We are committed to seeing how Antioch Community Federal Credit Union can help you and your household during these unprecedented times! Please contact us to start the conversation.

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The credit union is here to help you with all your financial needs.